Abbadi: Iraq lost 35 billion dollars because of terrorist ISIS

2016-10-01 at 14:17

Baghdad scales news

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, Saturday, that Iraq lost 35 billion dollars because of ISIS.

Ibadi said in his speech during the first scientific Conference of research and studies and continued its/news, balances "planned terrorist ISIS since its entry into Iraq and control over some areas causing large losses estimated at 35 billion dollars.

Abadi, said that "Iraq has been associated with projects estimated 240 billion dinars, mostly unfinished and the country pays and benefits of projects not completed annually and suffered a big loss of funds due to lack of planning and scheduling projects."

He continued, "that oil revenues are not enough even for salaries and retirement benefits, especially with the continued decline in oil prices and pursued her with spending cuts and we'll keep it."The corrupt "exploit religion for stealing money and carry out their operations," and called for "voluntary work"