Preliminary statistics Announces oil exports for the month of September


The oil Ministry announced lower total quantities exported for September last, which amounted to more than 98 million and 285 thousand and 239 million barrels, compared with total exports last month amounted to 100 million barrels, with daily average export witnessed during last September, slightly with 3,276, compared to last August, which recorded daily rate stood at 3,230 million barrels.

He said Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in a statement "the economy news received a copy of it to" total quantities exported for September had declined compared with last August, and that the rate of daily exports in September rose slightly compared with last August, according to preliminary statistics released by the State Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO) company with 3 million and 276 thousand barrels.

"The Jihad said total quantities exported from the ports of Basra reached more than 97 million and 349 thousand and 969 barrels (ninety-seven million, three hundred and forty-nine thousand, nine hundred and sixty drums), saw September also export small amounts through a pipeline to Turkey amounting to 935 000 and 270 barrels, with total revenues of Iraqi oil exports more than 3 billion and 228 million and $ 286 (three billion, eight hundred and twenty-two million two hundred and eighty six thousand dollars).

Jihad noted that the average price per barrel reached 38 million and 890.

Jihad said that one of the known global media circulate false information on petroleum exports for last September.

She addresses her higher oil exports from Iraq last September, leading to some confusion in the information conveyed and shuffle intentionally or unintentionally, appealing to the media accuracy in conveying information and not resort to get to it somehow irresponsible or authorized sources which weakens its credibility to the public, as well as the need to disclose the sources who provide information and don't mind that if these sources are credible and have a responsibility to disclose accurate Numbers and information, stats, note that the total exports for the month of September has seen a rise in the total quantities exported and transferred that agency but height was in daily exports last month compared to last month as described above and some of the media to differentiate between the total quantities exported and the daily average of exports. "

The Ministry adopted the principle of transparency in the transfer of information on oil production and exports and the disclosure of income, and provide it to the media and the press. And those that convey inaccurate information bear the legal consequences for it knowing that the information disclosed by the Ministry relies on specialized international organizations and relevant authorities.