Salaries crisis is forcing police in Sulaimaniyah on selling fruits

Twilight News / Hassiba Mohammed is one of those who Kadhn economic crisis situation in Sulaimaniya, to work selling vegetables along with the passage of the original work Koshertih meet the needs of her family.
Hassiba Mohammed operating Koshertih and sells vegetables in Sulaimaniyah, said the economic crisis has affected everyone, adding: "I am a civil servant. Suffering from salary cuts and the delay, and I find myself compelled to accept this work as well when the money is not available we have to cover our expenses and the needs of our children .. This is the life. " Hassiba directing traffic at a busy intersection in the city of Sulaymaniyah on a daily basis, in addition to work extra hours in the fruit and vegetable shop criticized by some, while others saw as a victory for women who did not give up the difficult economic conditions. As a university student Aram Aziz, he stressed, "It is sad to see it because they are so needed. The Hassiba this work after the government function, and this is a victory for women who did not give up, and I hope that other women do the same as the work is not something shameful. " And witness the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where they pass through the city of Sulaymaniyah economic and financial crisis because of the sharp decline in oil prices, which account for 90% of its budget in light of disagreements with the government in Baghdad, most notably the failure to reach agreement on the oil law.