Expert: Allaibi objected to the "OPEC" for not added Kurdistan to Iraq 's oil production

Approach to news /
Detecting oil expert Hamza Jeweler Oil Minister Eng Jabbar Allaibi objected not to add production of the oil province of Kurdistan to Iraq share, prompting him to criticism and rejection guesses developed by the "OPEC" countries which are located abroad. And news agencies picked up on the oil minister Jabbar Allaibi that Iraq informed Saudi Arabia and Iran rejected the agreement between the oil exporting countries members of the UPC at the level of production of 5.32 million barrels per day. The Jeweler's "approach to the news," said Iraq did not reject this agreement but on the contrary, he approved it, but at the same time states told that he had the right to rise more than this production, stressing that even if the decision was taken to freeze production by other producers , Iraq will continue to have an extra amount must be added by to get to the quota to him. He asked how it can be frozen or reduced production Bmghader 750,000 barrels per day, to raise oil prices by 6 7 percent during the same day, a Maergb by Iraq? Jeweler that Iraq revealed due to certain circumstances did not issue the same amount that is supposed issued by its production, as well as not to add production of the Kurdistan region Alinvtergm It is part of Iraq, and this irritated Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi through meetings, criticism and rejection guesses adopted by the Group produced in the "OPEC "or from the outside because we did not respect all of Iraq's oil production.