Iranian newspaper headlines on Saturday

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Saturday, 10.01.2016.
Syrian army advancing into neighborhoods of Aleppo .. and eliminating the 70 terrorists in Deir al - Zour
Iran calls for India and Pakistan to exercise restraint and to avoid non - peaceful means
President stresses the need to attract investment for the development of industry and technology in Iran
Shamkhani: we will take more serious measures if the United States continued to Araqilha in nuclear deal
Kayhan Arab
International Human Rights Council , covers the crimes in Saudi Arabia and Yemen refuses to investigate around !!
Sheikh Maher Hammoud: (Justa) confirms that the United States slapped both betting on friendship
Salehi: Launch of radioactive isotopes in the sustainable facility , "Fordo" soon
Bahrain is witnessing mass demonstrations against repression Khulaifi and normalization with the Zionist enemy Policy
Tehran and Washington agreement ... Obama comes out of Iranian banks from sanctions restrictions secretly
The presence of the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries ... International Fisheries Fair kicks off today in Tehran
Business meeting for the owners of German and Iranian Confectionery
Ashton Carter: We will increase our military supremacy in Asia
Lavrov: America was from the outset supporting the Front victory
Jaafari: Syria needs to stop the war and not for humanitarian aid
Zanganeh: OPEC 's production of oil will drop to 5.32 barrels
For a failed assassination attempt Prosecutor of Egypt
Joint maneuver to Britain, America and South Korea to counter North Korean threats
Salehi: Nuclear agreement creating a large open
John Kerry: nuclear agreement did not solve all the problems between the US and Iran
Saudi pressure to change " the law" in America
Jomhuri - ye Eslami
Salehi: Let 's be fair, the nuclear agreement to open roads ahead
The signing of a new agreement between Iran and the company "Renault"
Cancel penalties for "insulting" the bank as part of the US Iran 's agreement
Security Minister: the issue of security has become more serious than the previous
Confidence in America mirage ... Shamkhani, if it was to be witnessing delays and violations by the United States in a small business such as buying the planes as well, we will take more serious measures to realize our rights.
Arabs snivel the body of Shimon Peres
Through the appointment of 32 barrels per day ... OPEC cut production level
America was promised in vain ... John Kerry: we committed ourselves to all the commitments
Ansar Allah are testing new Saruchhm through its launch on a Saudi military base
Homeland Emrouz
World in shock from Congress resolution against Saudi Arabia ... the end of the employment
Union cliques under the shadow of the Queen ... the BBC terrorists coordinate Room
Agency Nun: Iraqi pilgrims arrested in Saudi Arabia