NEWSTIME WITH BGG and MadDSCOUT Friday, September 30, 2016
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Thread: NEWSTIME WITH BGG and MadDSCOUT Friday, September 30, 2016

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    NEWSTIME WITH BGG and MadDSCOUT Friday, September 30, 2016

    BGG says(6:47 PM):
    We all ready for News Time??

    magnetlady says(6:47 PM):
    You bet BGG

    BGG says(6:47 PM):
    My humblest apologies for being late.

    had TOTAL brain fade today and had to go fix some stuff before it got out of hand (on the site)...

    magnetlady says(6:48 PM):
    That's OK BGG we have been learning the most fascinating things about each other

    BGG says to magnetlady(6:48 PM):

    BGG says to magnetlady(6:49 PM):
    Did my daughter happen to mention she was just by the Iraqi Embassy before she met with you??

    magnetlady says(6:49 PM):
    Yes she did

    BGG says to magnetlady(6:49 PM):
    How cool??

    magnetlady says(6:49 PM):

    magnetlady says(6:49 PM):
    And we ate in the restaurant just below the IMF

    magnetlady says(6:50 PM):
    And the World Bank is in the next block

    BGG says to magnetlady(6:50 PM):

    Mrs BGG - would you mind saying a quick prayer to get us started tonite??

    MrsBGG says(6:50 PM):
    Heavenly Father, we boldly come before You by the Blood of Jesus. Thank You for Your Mercy, Grace & forgiveness! Thank You that You are Love. Thank You that we can rest in Your promises. Thank You Holy Spirit for Your leading and guiding. Thank You for the Body of Christ, for our brother and sisters in Christ and the friendships we've made here. Thank You for bringing Clay's wife through surgery. We pray for BGG and Pat that You will give them wisdom as they bring us the News. We pray that You will bless each person and their families here. We love You and trust You. We give You all the Glory, Honor and Praise. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    BGG says(6:54 PM):
    MadDScout is going to be with me again tonite...

    Wanna' bring some greetings Pat??

    MadDScout says(6:54 PM):
    Good evening folkS

    MrsBGG says to MadDScout(6:54 PM):
    Hi there!!

    MadDScout says(6:55 PM):
    I hope everyones day was good

    SRW says to MadDScout(6:55 PM):

    MadDScout says to MrsBGG(6:55 PM):
    Good evening

    MH_Countryboy says(6:55 PM):
    good evening scout, and bgg

    MadDScout says to MH_Countryboy(6:55 PM):

    1bobby says(6:55 PM):
    Hello MadScout and BGG

    MadDScout says to 1bobby(6:56 PM):
    Hello pardner

    MrsBGG says(6:56 PM):
    Okay, welcome everyone; During News Time, please use a ? for any questions or comments. It makes it easier on the copiers and readers. Thank you for your understanding!

    MadDScout says to SRW(6:56 PM):

    SRW says(6:57 PM):
    Ehtel can't be with us tonight, so I'm takin her place!!

    BGG says(6:57 PM):
    You guys - I have the most incredible story...

    Just a minute ago (I was freezing...) - I walked back to my closet - and for kicks I grabbed an old pair of Cords (pants) I haven't been able to fit in for YEARS...

    I slipped them on - THEY FIT!! Maybe even a little on the loose side... WOW?!?

    MadDScout says(6:59 PM):
    New pants!

    MH_Countryboy says(6:59 PM):
    congratulations Bgg

    BGG says(6:59 PM):
    I asked Mrs BGG when we bought them - she thinks in 03' ??

    jeffjane says(6:59 PM):
    what did mrs bbg say

    MadDScout says(6:59 PM):

    BGG says(6:59 PM):
    and they were a little snug when I first bought them - HOLY COW!!

    I am in SHOCK.

    MrsBGG says to BGG(7:00 PM):
    That is so awesome!

    MadDScout says to BGG(7:00 PM):
    Definition of a good day

    BGG says(7:00 PM):
    OK - sorry... back to News Time.

    BGG says to MadDScout(7:00 PM):
    Dude!! You all just witnessed me "have a moment"...

    SRW says to BGG(7:01 PM):
    Well chasin chickens and hoing the garden will do that, My kind sir!!

    larrykn says to BGG(7:01 PM):
    well at least it wasn't a BIG moment

    BGG says to larrykn(7:02 PM):
    It was not

    BGG says(7:02 PM):
    First curious piece tonite...

    IMF Launches New SDR Basket Including Chinese Renminbi, Determines New Currency Amounts

    Today, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced the launch of the new Special Drawing Right (SDR) valuation basket including the Chinese renminbi (RMB), and the new currency amounts that will determine the value of the SDR during the new valuation period...
    BGG says(7:03 PM):
    (7:03 PM)diagyAAAE was kicked out by diagyAAAE!
    BGG says(7:03 PM):
    So - that's an official IMF Doc - not some "guru spin"...

    Along the same lines...

    Yuan joins IMF’s elite reserve currency club in a milestone moment for China

    The yuan becomes the fifth member of the prestigious SDR basket on Saturday, but more reforms are needed before it is a freely traded currency, say analysts

    China’s yuan joins an elite group of reserve currencies created by the International Monetary Fund on Saturday in a move hailed as a milestone in the country’s rise to global financial prominence.

    From tomorrow, the yuan, also known as the renminbi, will become the fifth member of the IMF’s prestigious Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of currencies, alongside the US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and British pound...

    Read More:

    MadDScout says to BGG(7:05 PM):
    Makes them a "donor nation"?

    BGG says(7:05):
    Not sure what it will (fully) entail - but VERY, VERY interesting.

    MadDScout says to BGG(7:05 PM):

    BGG says(7:06 PM):
    BTW - we'll cover a few articles - then open this up for Q & A

    Next very curious piece...

    The Peshmerga under the command of al-Abadi and increase the budget of the Kurdistan

    Revealed a Lebanese newspaper, on Friday, the details of the agreements that have taken place during the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani 's visit to Baghdad and his meeting with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, as pointed out that among the agreements that were made Peshmerga under the command of al - Abadi and increase the province 's budget in the fiscal budget for next year...

    Read More:

    BGG says(7:10 PM):
    I'm not sure if I by into this "characterization" of the relationship - but HOW COOL???

    probably more along the lines of Barzani put the Peshmerga "at his disposal"... and then the spin gets going... IMHO...

    MadDScout says(7:11 PM):
    Not long term

    BGG says(7:11 PM):
    in any event - it appears this recent visit in Baghdad by the Kurds (which hasn't happened in a long time)... went VERY well...

    (almost as a "side note" it appears they are hammering out a new Oil deal... I would more expect it to be along the lines of the last, for expediencies sakes - "codified" in the next budget...)

    rather than a legit HCL... (which is fine)... it all works

    Here's a great insight from RCookie...


    Read More:

    Sadr: Barzani supports our directions

    Baghdad scales news – Vice President of the Sadr political body judge Jaafar al-Musawi, the approval of the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on all the points raised by the delegation of political organisation.

    Musawi said after a meeting with Barzani extended in accordance with the statement/balance of news/copy, “the meeting discussed the election law and the higher Commission of elections and forming a cross block party and sectarian quotas in addition to problems between the Center and the territory and liberate Mosul.”...

    Read More:

    BGG says(7:18 PM):
    Mosul HAS NOT been liberated... though it is likely a "foregone conclusion" - some time ago, astute analysts have been saying the politics would be harder than the actual "battle" itself... and it looks like they are getting very close to broad-based agreement on the subject.

    BGG says(7:18 PM):

    SRW says to BGG(7:18 PM):
    China owns the largest debt of the USA!! If the USA doesn't get their act together as a nation and debt solutions, we may be flyin a Chinese flag over the White House. Never happen, but just sayin. WAKE UP AMERICA!! IMO

    BGG says to SRW(7:19 PM):
    That is one take on it...

    I hope you are wrong.

    larrykn says to BGG(7:19 PM):

    BGG says to larrykn(7:20 PM):

    larrykn says to BGG(7:20 PM):
    the first article I brought in from our news section showed that the Kurds got an increase of 3% of the oil revenues, that might be why all things are going well at that meeting

    MadDScout says(7:21 PM):
    likely to be raising the region ‘s share increased by 3% to 20% in order to enable the region to pay employees ‘ salaries and benefits

    BGG says to larrykn(7:21 PM):
    That may well be.

    MrsBGG says(7:22 PM):
    Are there any other questions?

    BGG says to MadDScout(7:22 PM):

    They are getting paid.

    which is fine...

    MadDScout says to BGG(7:23 PM):
    I still think like you the Peshmerga will be a "short term work around"

    For Mosul

    Pablo says(7:24 PM):

    MrsBGG says to Pablo(7:24 PM):

    Pablo says(7:24 PM):
    Any updated info on their joining the WTO?

    MadDScout says to Pablo(7:24 PM):
    Not anything new

    MrsBGG says(7:25 PM):
    Any other questions

    Pablo says(7:26 PM):

    MrsBGG says to Pablo(7:26 PM):

    misterq says(7:26 PM):

    Pablo says(7:26 PM):
    Are they voting on the changes on the banking and finance laws this week?

    MadDScout says to Pablo(7:26 PM):
    I have not had a good look yet at the agenda

    MrsBGG says to misterq(7:27 PM):

    misterq says(7:27 PM):
    is the American Dollar still FIAT

    MadDScout says to Pablo(7:27 PM):

    MH_Countryboy says(7:28 PM):

    MadDScout says to misterq(7:28 PM):
    As far as I know it hasn't changed to anything else (gold backed)

    misterq says(7:28 PM):

    MadDScout says to misterq(7:28 PM):

    meetangel says(7:29 PM):

    MrsBGG says to meetangel(7:29 PM):

    meetangel says(7:30 PM):
    with this new development on the yuan have any affect on the dong? thanks

    MadDScout says to meetangel(7:30 PM):
    We will just have to watch. It is too soon after the fact

    meetangel says(7:30 PM):
    ok thanks very much!

    MadDScout says to meetangel(7:31 PM):
    You're welcome

    These are developements so new we still can only watch how it will all shake out.

    Any questions?

    SRW says to BGG(7:33 PM):

    MadDScout says(7:33 PM):
    If I smell funny BGG is still here too

    Movack says(7:34 PM):
    can anyone explain the new IMF report in detail to us layman?

    MrsBGG says to SRW(7:34 PM):

    SRW says to BGG(7:35 PM):
    If the Kurds are pasified, how will the release of Zebari go over for the Kurds long term! Thanks

    BGG says to SRW(7:35 PM):
    I think they get that he's crooked...

    MH_Countryboy says(7:36 PM):

    SRW says to BGG(7:36 PM):
    (y) Thankyou!! BGG

    MrsBGG says to MH_Countryboy(7:36 PM):

    BGG says to SRW(7:36 PM):
    and they are getting everything they really want.

    MH_Countryboy says(7:37 PM):
    was asked this in fb, if the yaun is in the basket will it be used the same as usd in iraq

    BGG says to MH_Countryboy(7:37 PM):
    I kind of doubt it ...

    MH_Countryboy says(7:37 PM):

    MadDScout says(7:39 PM):
    Any further questions?

    BGG says to MH_Countryboy(7:39 PM):
    based on their own comments - it appears they have a little ways to go before the Yuan reaches that level.

    MadDScout says(7:40 PM):
    Thanks everybody for tuning in, hope to catch you back here soon.

    Have a great rest of your evening, as you were.

    MrsBGG says(7:40 PM):
    Thank you BGG & MadDScout!!

    MadDScout says to MrsBGG(7:40 PM):
    Thanks for everything.

    MrsBGG says(7:40 PM):
    Love & Blessings to you'all (L)

    MH_Countryboy says(7:40 PM):
    great work guys and gals thanks for all y'all do ..

    Elane says(7:41 PM):
    Thank guys!

    MrsBGG says(7:41 PM):
    Thank you Mags!!

    MrsBGG says(7:41 PM):
    Thank you Subby!!

    larrykn says(7:41 PM):
    thank you BGG and MadDScout

    subgirl says to MrsBGG(7:41 PM):
    your very welcome

    MadDScout says to magnetlady(7:41 PM):
    Thank you much

    SRW says to BGG(7:41 PM):
    Thanks BGG and all that keep this great site going!! Later All!! (})

    speakwell says(7:41 PM):
    Thank you folks!

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