Minister of Labour ordered the launch of social welfare benefits in Sharqat "immediately"
September 30, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad ..
Ordered the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudan, on Friday, the launch of the social welfare benefits for the people of Sharqat spend north of Salah al-Din is "immediate."

The MP said Mishan Jubouri Salahuddin province, said that the contact "Minister of Labour and Social Affairs a few days before liberation Sharqat statement has anything to offer the ministry of assistance to people who have spent two years under the occupation of Daesh."

Sudanese and added that "after editing directly ordered the Minister of Labour launched a social welfare beneficiaries to pay immediately, " adding that " it was an agreement on cooperation to inventory families due to salary welfare to start disbursement. "

The Joint Special Operations Command announced in full control of the "Daesh" 22 of the current month of September for editing spend Sharqat, after 72 hours of the start of edits