Sadr's office confirms the participation of his supporters in demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces demanding reform
Long-Presse / Baghdad
Sadrists announced, on Friday, his supporters post weekly demonstrations calling for reform in Baghdad and the provinces, and as he emphasized that the Coordinating Committee for the trend is the trend followers decide to participate in the demonstrations or not, he pointed out that the demonstrations would not be limited to Fridays.
Office of the Martyr al-Sadr official in Baghdad and the northern areas Ibrahim al-Jabri said in an interview with (long-Presse), "The followers of the Sadrist movement will participate and are widely used in the demonstrations that will be witnessed today the capital Baghdad and the provinces to demand reform."
He said al-Jabri, that "the Coordinating Committee for Sadr is one of the sets post supporters of the current in the demonstrations or not, but if there is further guidance from the current leader Moqtada al-Sadr," asserting that "protests demanding reform will not be limited to Fridays only, but will be disseminated on rest of the week in order to pressure the government to meet the demands of the demonstrators. "
A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry said on Friday that security forces cut off bridges Republic and Sinak toward the Green Zone, the four roads leading to Tahrir Square, the center of the capital, Baghdad, to secure the weekly demonstration demanding reform.
Experiencing Tahrir Square, central Baghdad, all demonstrations demanding government reforms and accountability of the corrupt week, coinciding with the demonstrations launched in the central and southern provinces of the country to support these demands.