Iraq launches line project carrier of goods and containers of all countries of the world

Friday 30-09-2016 | 2:30:33

Twilight News / announced that the Department of Transportation / General Company for Maritime Transport for firing line project carrier of goods and containers to all countries of the world.

The announcement of the launch of the project at a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad by signing a partnership agreement with the British company Global for the transfer of cargo and containers by sea after a lapse of 25 years at a cost of $ 500 million for a period of 10 years

The representative of the Minister of Transport, Ethel Abd Ali at the conference that "the great benefit contract because Iraq is far from this area for more than 20 years and we are now outside the subject of maritime transport due to circumstances experienced by the country and the wars suffered by Iraq and also because of the damage to Bboakhar maritime transport" noting that "the state does not have the potential to restore the operational staff of the ships."

"The General Company for Maritime for the transfer began to recover through continuous planning and disperse them to build new ships, four of which will enter service in the coming period, but even this is not enough to importing country requirements of the ration card items and the rest of other goods," noting that "this matter has led to the direction of the ministry to enter into this area in order to reduce transport fares on the citizen, which will contribute to reducing the cost of imports of goods, especially in the domestic market. "

In turn, Director General of Shipping Abdul Karim Knhl said that "We have factors supporting the National Maritime carrier and help him to be a competitor for companies to transport goods to government ministries," noting that "the ministry dealing with a national insurance company and get subsidized by the Ministry of oil fuel, as well as support for ports Iraqi, and these factors Atjalna losers. "

Knhl He added that "the company can supplement the budget by 45% of its will for there to be economic support to the country."