Oil Minister: We will deal firmly with any interference with our associates to transfer from one province to another

2016/9/30 17:34

[Oan- Baghdad]

Oil Minister Ali Jabar Luaibi, rejected the decision of some local governments to transfer the employees of the ministry of oil companies from the province to the other.

And transfer to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, for Allaibi as saying that "all workers in the oil sector enjoy all the rights and duties and does not allow the ministry to any party to interfere in its work by imposing some contexts hybrids on their work."

He stressed that "the ministry is the only party entitled to placement Aonql this Aomak employee between the bodies and oil circles companies across the country, according to the requirements of the public interest and working conditions regardless of the fact that this worker or engineer or technical of these that province or."

He Allaibi that "the oil of the sovereign ministries which all Iraqis of all components and sects and ethnic groups, and therefore the ministry is counting on our people in all provinces without distinction or characterize the advancement of the oil industry and investment optimization of the oil wealth and the preservation and development, thus contributing to building a prosperous future for our people."

The Minister of Oil, "the ministry's keenness to observe working conditions in the ministry at the recruitment and placement in their provinces or near their community, and this part of the ministry's priorities and that it does not prevent the existence of some of them in other provinces, according to the requirements of the working conditions and the need for the national interest. Otherwise, the ministry refuses to intervene some of those measures in the provincial transport workers in the oil companies out of their provinces under the pretext that they are not of the sons of this province and that the priority for the people of the province. "

He noted that "The Oil Ministry stresses its rejection of these interventions and it will stand firm against anything that might impact on their work," directed "Alhiaat companies and oil and circles on the need to adhere to the fundamentalist contexts According Matqtadhah national interest."

The Basra provincial council had decided last week to dispense with workers from the people of other provinces in the province's oil fields "to make way and employment opportunities to the people of the province."

For his part, called on the provincial council of Dhi Qar, Basra provincial council to reverse its decision, waving his head to take a similar decision would deprive workers of the sons of Basra and their companies from working in the oil installations of the one who Qar.

The new head of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona emphasis on the application of the decision lay off workers in the oil companies from other provinces and limited work for the people of Basra, rejecting the Council of Dhi Qar claims to reverse its decision.