Transport Minister heads to Basra to lay the cornerstone of the Kut airport runway.

Friday September 30, 2016-03:03 pm

Transport Minister Kazem llmrbed Erythema Cup on Friday afternoon departure to Wasit governorate to meet conservative successor owner Wade and lay the cornerstone for building a runway length of five kilometers in the Kut airport.

Columbine expressed in his statement surprised Marbad radio criticizing some policy to build airports in every province, alluding to the huge space so Iraq while a strictly monitored by some States possessing space than several airports with four times.

And Erythema that build airports to facilitate air travel for those interested, so that citizens will be able to take off from the airport in their provinces without having to go to another county in case they need to navigate the air inside Iraq or traveling abroad.

And develop the Transport Minister Kazim Erythema Cup earlier on Friday, the cornerstone of civil airport with Meyssan noted that establishment of the airport will not cost the State any money, that comes after its opening on Thursday Qar airport runway last again in Basra airport, Wednesday.