Commerce Announces sale of 14 varieties of cars by installment


General auto trading company and machinery in the Commerce Department about selling taxis and buses Salon Cherie type gamby Chinese origin model 2014 and 2015 emerged through the branches of the Rafidain refineries and security and door.

He said the company's General Manager, Ali Hashim beginning, in a press statement that "citizen processing through payment of 10% of the value of the car by instrument attested by the Bank to the company for car reservation is then flagged for the Bank when you break".

"The types of vehicles covered by the sale by installments are kind (Euphrates-lion-alkhshfh-diallah. Satyabrata-Shaheen-comets miral-Baikal a diagnosis-Saveh-Tigris-glory-Buraq).

The company had earlier announced sale of cars and tractors agricultural mechanisms Hyundai who's going to and direct sale and installment plus continued marketing of all types of cars.