Transport Minister lays foundation stone for international airport in Missan

2016/09/30 11:10

{Meyssan: Euphrates News}

Transport Minister Kazim Erythema, Missan, said Friday. Agency correspondent {Euphrates news}, that "Erythema arrived here to sustain, and laying the Foundation for a lawmaker, Meyssan airport after popular demand and formal and conservative Council delegation visit to the Ministry of transport.

Transport Minister did not specify a time limit for completion of the project, stressing that implementation of the project will be a collaboration between the Ministry and local government in the province.
Missan Governorate Council, decided during its last Wednesday, "physically" in an airport international approval to recruit personnel Meyssan from mod to convert from military to civilian airport.

Board Vice Chairman Jawad said Rahim, l {Euphrates news}, "We hope and expect to keep Transport Minister to discuss this issue," Noting that "the Council decided to establish the actual direct private airport after the accession to the World Heritage list Meyssan marshes there are many regional and foreign delegations come to the province to see the Marsh, we have 13 thousand passengers per month in the province."

It is said that Transport Minister Kazim Erythema, last visited Dhi, to stand on the evolution of work in civil and in Nasiriyah airport personnel expedite work and forming a joint cell with local government and the relevant authorities to facilitate the completion phases.