Chinese company launches new technology to drill pipe in Majnoon

2016-09-29 at 19:57

Baghdad the balance of news

Uncovered a Chinese company specialized in oil pipes, Thursday, about new technology in drilling the first inaugurated oil wells in the Majnoon oil reduce salt in crude which affect production, usually that contributes to maintain and increase production rates.

Jaina petroleum pipeline company said Chinese CPP, said in a statement that it "has launched the e-MJE20 technique in drilling the first oil well in oil field operated by shell crazy Shell Dutch, with the aim of increasing production by reducing the proportion of salt in crude oil."

The company added that "a high percentage of salts in crude oil forced shell, oil field operators crazy to close some producing wells which led to a decline in productivity", noting that "the application of MJE20 technology in digging a new well first of this type in the field, through the year 2016 present, helps to ensure maintaining oil production rates and increase" crazy field.

The Director of the shell project, is mhadebi, according to the statement, that "technology applied by Jaina company BP dig new help preserve and increase production rates, too, expressed gratitude to the Chinese company's performance in the field." The Iraqi Cabinet, in (July 23, 2014), on contract with China's petroleum pipeline Jaina value of 607 million dollars for the construction of oil storage depots near Nasiriyah oil field (375 km south of Baghdad).

It was a coalition between shell Malaysian operatorship contract with Baghdad in January of 2010, to develop the giant Majnoon South Iraq, where Shell owns a 45 percent stake in the project, while Petronas owns 30 percent of national oil company with owning the remaining stock.

The Majnoon, one of the largest oil fields in the world, estimated backup, according to the Iraqi Government, speculation about 38 billion barrels