Hakim and Barzani underline the need for continued dialogue and coordination for the post-Daesh

September 29, 2016 22:43

The head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, the need for coordination of post-Daesh After the liberation of Nineveh, referring to the need for continued dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve all outstanding problems.

He said al-Hakim told a joint news conference held at his office in Baghdad with President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, said: "We talked about the importance of the battle of Nineveh, as it represents a great diversity, high between the province and Baghdad put the required plans for editing, harmony and makes us optimistic and an eye on the battle of Mosul and was appointed to the post-liberation ".

"The concern was present political problems in the region, Iraq and Alaradarh present serious obstacles to overcome the economic crisis and discuss ways to overcome them and overcome them."

He stressed that "Iraq is one that combines unified his sons on the basis of true participation would really feel everyone to participate, and we hope the negotiating delegation from the region who will visit Baghdad to put a comprehensive solution that joins mutual commitments regarding salaries."

In turn, the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, said he discussed all the outstanding issues and the issue of fighting terrorism, edit and cities referring to the agreement between the defense and to develop a comprehensive Peshmerga for the Liberation of Mosul, a military plan. ".

"From the military point of the military plan is almost ready and that the post-editing stage there will be coordination and cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve any forms may arise, also pointed out that he discussed the economic crisis and agreed on close cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil to overcome.

Barzani said he would send a delegation from the provincial government to Baghdad to discuss oil and file access to a comprehensive agreement, noting that the province demanded independence and secession is not a natural right, and this topic is not without an understanding with Baghdad. "

He noted the existence of a new atmosphere in Baghdad and the al-Abadi and the National Alliance and there is an understanding more than ever.