Central markets re-opening of the central market of Najaf after 13 years of abating
Long-Presse / Najaf
General Company for Central Markets in Iraq, announced on Thursday, reopening and rehabilitation of the central market of Najaf after 13 years of abating , in collaboration with private sector companies investmen t, and as pointed out that the experiment is aimed at providing the market with "various consumer goods," the market management confirmed adoption of sale payment on credit for a slide mechanism staff.
The General Company for Central Markets Director Abdul Mohsen al-Rikabi in an interview (range Press), "The company has opened, on Wednesday, the central market of Najaf, the city center, in cooperation with the private sector corporate investment," noting that "cooperation with the private sector is the first experiment taking place in the central market and is intended to provide goods to the citizens of good specifications and compete with other goods in terms of quality and price. "
He described the stapes, the experience of cooperation with the private sector as "successful, " adding that the private sector companies involved in the re-market the rehabilitation and re-furnishing and supplying them with various consumer goods, " stressing at the same time, that "the experience applied in the province of Basra were completed 60% in Baghdad and strive to be applied in all the provinces. "
For his part, Central Market Najaf director Mahdi Ali said in an interview with (long-Presse), "The selling in the market mechanism will be on credit, especially for a slice of staff, as is the distribution of the price on the ten or twelve months," stressing that this experiment revive supermarkets after It was virtually non-existent. "
Turn investor Ayman Achammrta said, "The plan developed by the company will endeavor to provide all the Iraqi family kits at competitive prices," pointing out that "the market was almost collapsed and where no services exist, and we have re-life have furnished again.
He added in an interview with Achammrta (range Press), "The company will work to add places of entertainment for the market, according to the economic viability developed by the company."
The central market in Najaf has been opened since April in the year 1980, and saw the central market in general in Iraq after the economic blockade in the nineties of the last century, a significant decline because it was experiencing an economic activity for more than twenty years ago, to stop once and for all after the entry of US forces in Iraq and the fall the former regime in 2003.