Deputy state law calls for the arrest of Massoud Barzani Thursday, 29 September 2016 - 10:05
MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki Thursday, public prosecutors to move the lawsuit and issue an arrest warrant against the Kurdistan Democratic Party leader Massoud Barzani on arrival in Baghdad on charges of collaborating with a foreign country's wealth and smuggling and to deal with terrorist regimes.

Maliki said in a statement seen by tow, said that "Barzani will come to Baghdad as partisan as the leader of a democratic Kurdistan and not in an official capacity as head of the province being lost legitimacy as usurper of the democratic process in the province and recognized by all other Kurdish political forces."

He added that "Barzani became accused of breaking a lot of the Iraqi laws in force, including communicating with foreign private Zionist entity constitutionally prohibited and Turkey, in addition to the smuggling of oil wealth without knowing the fate of the money imports and the theft of the budgets of the province and he did not file any final accounts about the amounts received by the province under previous budgets. " .

He added that "Barzani deal with al Daesh terrorist and there was the case of a truce between him and them for several months after Ajtaahm areas of Iraq, not to mention the occupation of areas of the federal government and the seizure of the Iraqi army military weapons after the collapse of Mosul, in addition to harboring many Baathists and wanted by the Iraqi judiciary on terrorism charges. "

He said the Attorney-Maliki said that "Barzani wanted by the Iraqi judiciary within the applicable laws, Wi-tolerated by the public prosecutor and security services in the case of his arrest represents a flagrant violation of Iraqi criminal laws", blaming Prime Minister Haider Abadi , the Iraqi judiciary, "the responsibility not to apply the law to all Iraqis are Adel".