Numbers .. Iraqi Finance Budgeting for 2017

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

A member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, MP Masood Haider, the total expenditure budget for 2017, which serves as the total value of its 90.224 trillion dinars.

He said Haider, in a statement, "The draft budget for fiscal 2017 Act, should arrive legally to the House of Representatives a maximum on the 10th of November next," noting that "the total expenditure budget, which is tantamount to the total value of her reach 90.224 trillion dinars" , pointing at the same time that the deficit ratio up to 10.165 trillion is equivalent to 11.27%.

Haider added that "oil revenues planned for 2017 amounted to 68.410,125000 trillion dinars, revenue from non-oil 11.649 trillion dinars," noting that "the price of a barrel of oil to balance in 2017 was estimated at $ 42, and the quantities of exported oil per day 3.750000 barrels per day "He continued that" the planned budget deficit ratio of 10.165 trillion dinars, or about 11.27%, "pointing out that" the estimated amount of the loan to fill part of the planned deficit of 5.608 trillion dinars. "

He announced the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, 23, last August, the Council discussed the budget for fiscal 2017 Act and the proposed amendments to the version provided by the Ministry of Finance, as he emphasized that the law reached the final stages in preparation for submission to the House of Representatives.

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