Nazarene announce press conference with Minister of transport near the opening of the international airport of Qar

2016/09/29 17:21

{Qar: Euphrates news}

Qar Governor Yahya of Nazareth, Thursday, close the opening of the international airport of Qar to be a new window for Iraq, with the Minister of transport announced the formation of a crisis to accomplish during the current year, saying airport near Iraq to helicopter services opened to link the capital with southern Iraq.

Governor of Dhi Qar Yahya Nazarene during a joint press conference with the Transport Minister and head of the provincial Council of Dhi Qar airport "our honour is Minister of transport Kazim Cup Erythema to Dhi to learn details of the completion of the international airport of QAR who will be new to Thi on the world, and has completed the bulk of airport infrastructure, and complete all administrative procedures and Security Minister has instructed there be graciously cell continuous action to get the job done in a short time."

The Transport Minister said, "we came to the QAR to take the first steps in opening Qar airport and there is a suggestion to name it in honor of your airport civilization of this blessed land, the airport almost ready after receipt of all the required systems, as well as the main building and its Ministry of transport covered by approached completion.

"We'll open areas of investment for investors to manage the airport and all ground services under multiple international organizations specification, and will change the interface Bana e airport buildings where it touches indicative nature and heritage of this area and civilization."

Transport Minister "now Dhi international airport is ready to receive aircraft today landed a plane on runways and all the supplies are available, but we need a few touches to complete the work, and will establish ongoing workshop for civil aviation engineers on site to complete work this airport which serves several nearby provinces will be working on Iraq lines planes line for the helicopter to link Basra and Thi with Baghdad."

The former Minister gave an incorrect airport delivery promises during a specific period, but general civil aviation Treaty has not yet completed its work and the local government in Thi made utmost efforts but there is shortening of the Ministry of transport we will fix it in the coming days and timelines for accomplishing airport depends on completion of one building and it may take a month or two. "

County Council Chairman, said Hamid al-Ghozi "thank his Transport Minister to complete Qar airport project and share valuable remarks, Minister and a local Committee was formed to pursue the completion of the airport as environmental scanning is complete and also there was a big effort from brothers MEW via mobile station and direct road linking the airport with the Interstate, and we hope to complete the rest of its ministries to complete the airport in nearby period."