Wasit Council wins a lawsuit against the Treasury Department gets {31} billion dinars

2016/09/29 17:14

{Wasit: Euphrates news}

Wasit Governorate Council get $ 31 billion dinars following a judicial decision, the Federal Court required the Treasury to pay her dues amount as from the collection of port Pedra.

In Services Committee Chairman said Wasit Governorate Council Mehdi Yunus Ayal County Council statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it, that "the provincial Council earn a lawsuit by against the Government and the Ministry of Finance on get a share of revenues since the beginning of the border Zurbatiyah port 2014 so far $ 31 billion dinars, after balking over the Finance Ministry from previous periods granted."

"And it's children," it is hoped that the judicial decision is executed next Sunday and looked forward to receiving that amount, in order to contribute to the revival of Wasit budget which is suffering from severe financial crisis ".

He said that "If the receipt would seek in coordination with the province to invest to actually improve service in a number of regions in the province and especially just prior to the rainy season.

Ayal pointed to, that "many stalled projects now constitute a burden on the citizen, what it takes to allocate payments to companies working to accomplish projects that owed."

The zurbatiya border crossing is one of the most important sources of finance for Wasit governorate and testify in seasons of religious visitors 2 million blockbuster visit Elijah b coming from neighboring Iran and the other Islamic Asian countries.