Youth Minister urges businesses to stadiums speed project delivery

2016/9/29 16:20

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} urged Minister of youth and sports Abdel Hussein abtan contractors to football stadiums in Iraq to speed project delivery.

The Ministry statement quoted received {Euphrates news} copy today about abtan said during a meeting with a number of companies implementing projects in Iraq that "the Ministry examined the problems facing complete projects that most financial problems because of the austerity that Iraq and the lack of investment budget for the Ministry but not an obstacle to the complete sports projects so that the Ministry had planned well for completing projects.

He said Iraq needed to complete sports especially peek we aspire to lift Iraq embargo on sports, and the Ministry expressed full cooperation with companies for delivery as soon as possible as a responsive companies with us on the financial benefits that the Ministry cannot fulfil all the corporate benefits at present but operate on pay and if simple parts to pitches that large percentage of completion.

The statement noted that "business managers gave thanks and appreciation to the Minister of its full cooperation and overcome difficulties before the delivery and supervision directly on it which shows the complete service of your passion of sport".