Theme IV / paper repair the security file
1 - Law of the security forces and powers
Passing a law which defines the security services security services and functions of the operating and the power of each device to achieve a state of integration and avoid intersections within the jurisdiction of the security services.
2 - the need for rehabilitation of the security services in order to achieve the highest degree of professionalism.
3 - to subject the security agencies of accountability in the House of Representatives (in accordance with the constitutional contexts) and enact the necessary laws to impose tougher legal sanctions proved to be approaching Taatkhabr in favor of foreign bodies.
4 - check with all the leaders and the security elements that are complaints against them of committing violations of human rights and not to grant immunity to any of them and for any reason whatsoever.
5 - Activating the role of the provincial councils in accordance with the Constitution and the law of the provincial boards of agencies to ensure implementation of the decisions of those councils on the security file.
6 - the establishment of research centers to take advantage of retirees.
7 - Adjust and enhance border with modern equipment to ensure the control of the border.
8 - tough with hackers across the border illegally.
9 - the formation of a special device to follow the emergency cases of national disasters and provide quick solutions and remedies for the affected areas.
10 - Strengthening the role and powers of the National Intelligence Service and its cadres to build the necessary requirements of the national security of Iraq and anti-spyware and follow-up activity the security intelligence on Iraqi soil and enact effective laws in this matter.
Theme V / paper judicial reform
1 - Incompatibility between the presidency of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Presidency of the Federal Court or the Court of Cassation.
2 - to speed up passage of the Federal Court Act and agreement on the designation of its members.
3 - accelerate the formation of the Judicial Authority Law in accordance with the Constitution and the activation and development of the system of public prosecution.
4 - to speed up passage of the law of the Supreme Judicial Council.
5 - Prohibition of outside judges of the Supreme Judicial Council formations
6 - Review the Terrorism Act.
Balance in the state institutions
Theme VI / balance in the national:
A - Agents ministries
B - Ambassadors
T - Heads of agencies and the Independent Electoral Commission.
W - in the ministries and unilateral military and security institutions of the degree of general manager and above or its equivalent (leadership teams, Cabinet ministries, etc. ....).
2 - the law recognizes the balance in a period not exceeding six months since the start of the parliament committees and establish its authority immediately after the entry into force of the law by the blocks.
3 - the Commission may adopt the constitutional balance and ensure the rights of all regions and provinces in all state institutions including the military and security institutions and all levels.
4 - Activating the role of boards of ministries, independent bodies and the granting of appropriate powers to deputy ministers and heads of independent bodies aide to achieve participation.
5 - Activating the Constitution and laws related to the appointment, employment, and to speed up the establishment (of the Federal service) provided for in Article 107 of the Constitution, passed by the House of Representatives last in his class last.
Seventh Axis / repair work of the executive branch
1 - adopt the principle of efficiency, professionalism and the constitutional balance in public office in accordance with the Law Council of public service.
2 - re-balance the constitutional appointments resulting from the last period and to ensure the representation of the provinces constitutionally (not agreed).
3 - to ensure real participation of the parties combined in the government in decision-making (political, security, economic).
4 - Adoption of an agreed system of internal regulating the work of the Council of Ministers and sets the context and the powers of the Council and its members.
5 - the organization of security institutions is enshrined in the constitution in the security ministries, each according to its competence and, as security conditions permit and the gradual
6 - linked to educational initiative and agricultural ministries concerned do not take any initiative in the future, but the decision of the Council of Ministers.
7 - activating the supervisory role of the Council of Ministers on the performance of the cabinet.
8 - activation of the phenomenon of financial and administrative corruption.
9 - commitment to the unity of the official government rhetoric.
10 - Prevention of a combination of legislative and executive positions.
11 - direct intervention to prevent acts of ministries through agents, consultants and general managers for the benefit of any party dealing with the party and the Minister form the Supreme Head of his ministry.
12 - is committed to the Prime Minister and ministers all decisions of the Council of Ministers and the laws in force as representing the state in their ministries and are not representatives of the Perigord or bloc of political and contrary to take the necessary steps to his dismissal.
13 - the inspector general at the ministry of the minister's bloc.
Axis VIII / national consensus
1 - in the crucial issues (such as war and peace, and strategic agreements, constitutional amendments) have 100 percent compatibility.
2 - in the strategic and important issues shall be voted by the majority of half plus one.
3 - procedural issues in the daily vote will be by half plus one.
Axis IX / accountability, justice and national reconciliation
1 - to freeze the current decisions of the Commission except walking routine things.
2 - the formation of the accountability and justice in accordance with the law.
3 - to reconsider the law of accountability and justice through and make adjustments to be agreed upon for the purpose of the law not to use double standards, or for political purposes and are treated with the file according to the law. "
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