DHI confirm readiness of Nasiriyah airport takeoffs and landings


First Deputy Governor of Dhi Qar, Nassiriya airport ready for civil aircraft takeoff and landing nine 75 passengers, indicating that the Minister of transportation and communications in staff expedite work and forming a joint cell with local Government to facilitate the completion phases.

Aldkhili just said, in a statement, "Transportation Minister Kazim Cup Erythema to Nasiriyah today, including intensely and realistically available to work in Nasiriyah airport."

"The airport's work goes as planned and that the Transport Ministry confirmed their pursuit and intensify their efforts to complete work faster for the opening of the airport officially before the end of this year and the continued support of the Ministry of transport and communications and other ministerial profiles.

Aldkhili said that "not only the Nasiriyah Airport transfer passengers only but it is a multi-tasking airport passenger includes inside and outside Iraq as well as shipping and transport goods to different countries of the world."