Labour Minister: corruption is a source of financing of terrorism

2016-09-29 at 14:23

Baghdad the balance of news

Labor and Social Affairs Minister Mohammad sheyaa, Thursday, that corruption is an important source of financing of terrorism, stating that his first initiative ministries for his "real reform" with new programs and administrative procedures.

The Sudanese said in a speech during the celebration by the Inspector General's Office at the Ministry on the occasion of the week of national integrity, according to a statement received/balance of news/copy, that "corruption is an important source of financing of terrorism, which represents a drain of human and material resources, hence the persistence of organized crime and their impact on society."

He added that "addressing and combating corruption is not a logo or an information letter or elected but are imperative and the battle of construction or destruction," pointing out that "the main reason for the problems of the State's administrative and financial corruption and therefore has to be serious pause from everyone not only officials but also community to fight this phenomenon."

"The Ministry of labour is one of the first ministries to do real reform by implementing important laws and administrative policies and programmes, especially the projects involving big money, notably social protection network project with the State limits of trillion and 350 billion annually to eligible social protection."

"The Ministry has over the years been action campaign, most notably the investigations conducted by the Office of the Inspector General on social subsidies disbursement in the governorates of Nineveh, Diyala and Kirkuk and was largely distracted unlike controls and waste of public money", stating that "investigations confirmed roared up to 159 billion dinars, it turns out that she was going to terrorist networks confirms our words that corruption is one of the sources of financing of terrorism, the Ministry and the Office of the Inspector General continue pursuing integrity to see Where did this investigation file and refer those involved to justice. "

He explained that the Ministry has begun implementing the law on social protection which is wider process of checking covered by social protection network from detecting abusers not eligible employees and retirees, who are held accountable through tax make social search wider for beneficiaries of social protection network in the Ministry database results after completion by the planning Ministry that there are limits to 43 percent of those receiving social benefits are not eligible under the social research. "

And that "the limits of 450 billion was paid to individuals not eligible and the amount supplied to open new coverage requests grants", noting that "such amounts paid to apply for the Cabinet to amend the monthly subsidies and they got a hit to get the Cabinet modified authentication benefit amounts to reflect that the Government's interest in social protection file."