HSS: National Coalition blocs agreed to our demands except for one request.

2016-09-29 at 13:48

Baghdad scales news

Liberal parliamentary block mp Mazen Al-Mazini, Thursday, on the approval of the National Alliance blocks agreed but one freemen demands regarding the choice of characters technocrats.

He said in a statement sent to Al-Mazini/balance of news/copy, that "the National Alliance blocs had agreed to terms of the free block that included 15 points through ongoing interviews conducted by the Commission charged by sadrist Alliance."

He added that "blocks objected to the sixth point of the conditions which represent a selection of independent technocrats characters to fill all positions occupied by the National Alliance."

Bloc mp, noted that "the meetings and negotiations between the Liberal and national coalition block continues to come up with a formula to serve Iraq and satisfy all the blocks.

It is said that the mass this morning, said freemen directing Sadr Sadr leader letter to the President of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim has liberal return conditions over Coalition