Jabouri: Saladin was benefiting from the Petro-dollar rehabilitation must Bayji

2016-09-29 12:36

Special balance news

Councilwoman confirmed about Salahuddin province ashwaq Al-juboori, Thursday, the need for rehabilitation and reconstruction of Bayji, contributes $ 124 billion dinars from the budget of the province, noting that more than 13, 000 membership from all provinces of Iraq.

Al-jibouri said/"scales news rebuilding Bayji is not the prerogative of the County, it is the prerogative of the Ministry of oil and the Federal Government," adding that "more than 13000 liquidator associates and all the provinces of Iraq."

She added, "the oil Ministry failed to go to rehabilitate the refinery and Chinese", "serious pause of Parliament Salahuddin province to work on rebuilding the liquidator for being conservative important artery for Iraq."

She said, "the liquidator was Vader to balance conservative when it was 124 billion dinars, that Saladin was benefiting from the Petro-dollar to develop vital installations."

Bayji presented by observers and workers in the Ministry of oil to almost complete destruction, and needs vast sums for reconstruction and rehabilitation.