The opening of a special exhibition marketing textile and leather industries in parliament

2016/9/29 10:38

[Where - Baghdad]

First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi parliament Hamoudi in earlier opened the first of its kind private exhibition catalog Public Company for Textile Industries and Dermatology, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in the parliament building.

The ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, it's "the first deputy chairman of the Council Hamoudi opened yesterday's catalog show the public the company's textile and leather industries, and came as part of a national campaign espoused by Sheikh Hamoudi, under the headline-making our own hands and we are proud] The exhibition was attended by Director General of the industries of textile and leather Engineer Ahmed Abdullah, a star and a number of political and academic figures. "

He Hamoudi According to the statement, "lamented the lack of cooperation by most of the institutions and ministries regarding national product support," stressing "the necessity of activating the role of the industrial and agricultural sectors to serve the interests of citizens in light of the critical circumstances in the country," stressing that "will take tough new measures against governmental institutions that do not contract with public sector companies, which are still dependent on external imports. "

Called "committees, defense, integrity, and security services to follow up on the reasons for counting the implementation of Cabinet decisions supporting the national industry, as expressed all present their willingness to support the national product of its importance in building the Iraqi economy and employment and reducing the indiscriminate importation which contributed to disrupt industrial and agricultural movement in the country."