Jaafari Bahraini counterpart: Statement of the Gulf Cooperation Council misses the facts and profaning the popular crowd represents a distortion of reality

Ibrahim al - Jaafari met with Iraqi Foreign Minister on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly in New York , Bahrain 's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.
During the meeting they discussed the overall situation of interest to Baghdad and Manama, and ways of strengthening them, and review regional developments, and international.
The al - Jaafari that the popular crowd achieved a turning point in the security reality for Iraq, adding: that terrorism works terrorist ideology perverted, and targeted markets, schools, hospitals, temples, mosques, churches, and the popular crowd pose as a reaction to eradicate terrorism, noting: that People crowd includes factions of Sunnis and Shiites, Muslims and non - Muslims, Christians, and the Sabians, and Yazidis, Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmen, stressing that the statement of the GCC misses the realities in Iraq, and profaning the popular crowd represents a distortion of reality , especially the popular crowd formation under the command commander in chief of the armed forces.
He Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa , his desire to visit Baghdad in the coming period, directed at the invitation of Dr. al - Jaafari to attend the Manama Dialogue during the month of December next, pointing to the importance of developing bilateral relations between Baghdad and Manama, opening prospects of joint cooperation in the fields Mark, explained that the popular crowd Authority indisputable in terms of composition, and officials of both countries exchange visits to strengthen ties, and clarify the facts of what is happening on the Iraqi arena