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Twilight News / examined presidencies in Iraq Mosul liberalization process of resolving political differences in the country.
And it included a meeting held at the headquarters of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi and President Fuad Masum and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the head of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud. According to a statement to the Office of Abadi responded to Twilight News, it was at the beginning of the joint meeting confirm "the importance that everyone is aware that the war on Daesh occupies priority attribution is necessary." They also discussed preparations for the Liberation of Mosul, militarily, politically and humanly and assigning fighters in battle and reduce their losses and to maintain the civilian and restore the stability of the citizens in the liberated areas and solving the problem of displaced people as soon as possible Emphasis was placed on the floor and unify positions and put aside their differences in order to serve the country and the interests of citizens and stay away from methods that rely on the demolition and miscarriage which negatively affects the delivery of services to citizens. The meeting stressed the need to strengthen the relationship between the executive, legislative and judicial authorities to the principle of complementarity and cooperation will contribute to political stability and support the independence of the judiciary. The meeting stressed that Iraq will surpass the difficulties actually began right steps that return is vital and pivotal role in the region and the world. It was agreed on the importance of supporting government reforms and the completion of important legislation in all sectors and support the fight against corruption.