URGENT White House: Obama acknowledges sending 600 US troops to Iraq

2016/9/28 20:32

[Oan- follow-up]

The White House announced that President Barack Obama approved sending 600 more US troops to Iraq.

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said on Wednesday that the United States will send about 600 extra troops to Iraq to help Iraqi forces to restore the city of Mosul of al Daesh.

Carter told reporters during his visit to the State of New Mexico said the soldiers will train Iraqi forces and will provide them advice and logistical support, and will assist in information gathering efforts. "
A senior defense official also said that the exact number of soldiers will be 615, and they will join efforts "in the coming weeks."

The office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, today revealed an Iraqi request of the United States and in consultation with Obama's last-ditch to increase the number of trainers and US advisers under the international coalition umbrella in Iraq to provide backing to Iraqi security forces in their battle looming for the Liberation of Mosul and has approved the request of the government. "

He attributed the statement Abadi office this request "in preparation for the decisive battle to liberate the city of Mosul to eliminate Daesh the entire Iraqi territory, and the liberalization of gangs," noting that it "will begin to reduce the preparation of advisers and trainers immediately after the liberation of Mosul."

He stressed that "the role of trainers and advisers but not a combat training and counseling only, and will liberate the land of our troops are and does not have any troops or foreign fighters are fighting with Iraqi forces since the start of liberalization of land operations."