More than 20 bank respond to the invitation of the Central Bank of Iraq for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Rasheed Street and 20 public square in Baghdad

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Economy News / Baghdad responded more than 20 private banks and to invite the Iraqi Central Bank and included "reconstruction and rehabilitation of Rasheed Street, and also 20 public square in the capital Baghdad," by Square each bank,
that call was started Naseer Shamma days ago, which it restarted Glocal (LUGAL Foundation) Iraqi volunteer effort, which took attention from the Iraqi Central Bank and the celebration organized on the occasion of the centenary of Omar Rashid Street to have a chance go out to those banks and invites them to contribute to the perpetuation of the symbols of Iraqi heritage.

During the meeting, which was held at the Central Bank of Iraq building on Tuesday, the bank's governor, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail said during a speech on "the importance of social responsibility for the banking sector and its role in stimulating and supporting yielding social, economic and cultural projects," as is the case in other states, and touched to the financial circumstances faced by the country and which require the concerted efforts of all sectors and groups and civil society organizations in order to support the country and meet the challenges and contribute to the stabilization.

He noted the governor "that improve the appearance of the capital Baghdad and the efforts of volunteer gives important positive messages on the level of social and economic", and contribute to the deepening of the spirit of citizenship and social responsibility also creates the impression is positive reflected on the psychological and moral status of the citizen, praising the sovereignty and the role of institution (LUGAL) and give it to the young energies of ideas and plans for the rehabilitation of Hamas and Al-Rashid Street.

On the other hand currently underway for the launch of the project (Take a Baghdad) Proposed by artist Naseer Shamma to the launch of large projects that will Backs Baghdad, as befits its status and depth of civilization and culture, as is currently being coordinated on a plan involving "various government institutions, ministries and the Baghdad Municipality and the province of Baghdad, and a Makiya, the Association of Iraqi private banks, businesses, and organizations, economics and business, and the Central Bank of Iraq, "expected to receive the support of those projects nations and international and local organizations.

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