27/04/2012 09:49

BAGHDAD, April 27 (AKnews)- In the absence of political consensus and due to the "weak" role of the Council of Representatives, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has no choice but to decide for many issues himself, said an MP from Sadrist Current.

Due to political disputes, the PM, who is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, runs the Ministry of Interior for more than one year.

Maliki has often been accused of "unilateral ruling" in the country and now there is strong tendency to replace him."

There are one-sided decisions, especially for security issues, made by Maliki," said Sadrist MP Amir Kinani.

Kinani added political parties' lack of understanding and failure of the Council of Representatives in finalizing some bills and its "weak" role have given the executive body to make one-sided decision and set policies without consulting others.

He continued "if the political parties were united in their positions they could put a strategy to rule Maliki or any other PM."

There are many gaps which served Maliki…. and made him become one person who runs several aspects of the Iraqi State."