Central Bank announces 20 banks response to qualify good Street

2016-09-28 at 14:54

Baghdad scales news

The Iraqi Central Bank announced Wednesday, about 20 banks more responsive to his call for rehabilitation of Wicklow and 20 public square in Baghdad.

She said in a statement received bank/balance of news/copy, that "more than 20 private bank responded to the invitation of the Iraqi Central Bank and contained good street reconstruction and rehabilitation and also 20 public square in the capital, with each bank square".

The statement added that "this invitation initiated artist Naseer shamma and days before the announcement of Foundation (LUGAL) volunteer effort by Iraqi, so I took the attention by the Iraqi Central Bank, held a ceremony on the occasion of 100 years of age good Street to be an opportunity to go to those banks and inviting them to contribute to perpetuating the symbols and heritage."

He continued, "during the meeting held in the Bank building on governorate said Mohsen Ismail during a speech on the importance of the social responsibility of the banking sector and its role in stimulating and supporting social, economic and cultural yield."

And, that "relations with regard to that country's financial circumstances that call for joining the efforts of all sectors and groups and civil society organizations to support the country and meet the challenges and contribute to stability."

The Governor said that "improving the appearance of the capital and voluntary efforts gives positive messages on the social and economic level, and contributes to deepening the spirit of citizenship and social responsibility, as it creates positive impressions on the psychological and morale of the citizen", hailing "the role of Foundation (LUGAL) and give it to younger potential ideas and plans and zeal for good Street rehabilitation."

By, the statement said, that "work is under way to launch a project (drop) proposed by the artist Naseer shamma to launch big projects that would show Baghdad befitting its status and civilizational and cultural depth.

He noted that "coordination is currently on a plan involving various governmental institutions and ministries and Baghdad and Baghdad, and a makiah, ist banks Association, business, economics and business organizations, the Central Bank, predicted that" those projects to support local and international organizations and States. "