Iraq: 634 receive Advisor Abadi million dollars from the IMF and the budget deficit "shrinking"

2016-09-28 at 11:05

Special balance news

Prime Minister's Adviser on Economic Affairs Mohammad Saleh appearance, Wednesday, that the size of the budget deficit in 2017 shrank from 34 trillion to 12 trillion dinars, indicating that the next instalment of an IMF loan for Iraq amounted to $ 643 million.

He said, for the balance of the News/Iraq, will receive new loans during future periods according to the standby credit agreement with the International Monetary Fund ", indicating that" this agreement is a pivotal agreement, Iraq provided an umbrella up to more than 20 billion dollars in three years.

He added that "the budget deficit started estimated 34 trillion but shrinking until it was no more than 12 trillion dinars," pointing out that "the next installment of a loan to Iraq amounting to $ 643 million.The Prime Minister noted that "the President of the World Bank gave a positive signal to Iraq that the ceiling is open for Iraq to borrow, on condition that Iraq implements the cost of loans as agreed."