Baghdad pledges 55 billion dinars to Kurdistan

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink:

Kurdish informed sources reported that the Iraqi government pledged to grant the Kurdish region the amount of 55 billion Iraqi dinars with the expectation of immigration of more than one million Iraqis from Mosul city in the expected coming war in the province against Da'ish (ISIS) organization.

The sources added that the new financial pledge shall be given to the three provinces in the Kurdish region, namely Arbil, Duhuk and Sulaimaniya, to enable them getting prepared for the coming immigration influx in the region.

Thousands of Mosul citizens began leaving their homes to take refuge in the Kurdish region amid expectations to liberate the city from Da'ish clutches.

Earlier, the Kurdish region announced its inability to absorb about one million refugees from Mosul.