Central market contracts with companies to invest their buildings and Lands

2016/09/28 11:48

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Central markets company was held in the Ministry of Commerce, a group of contracts with companies to invest their buildings and lands.

The Commerce Ministry said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today that "General company for supermarkets in the Commerce Department conducted an employment contract for an investment company with Central Mansour market Crown Caliph General Contracting and real estate investments.

He stressed the company's General Manager Abdul Mohsen Al-Rikabi Ward on "investing company should show maximum effort to implement the contract as a patriotic duty and publicity for the work of the company."

It was signed another contract with ISRA general commercial contracting to invest 190 Gallery and store 90 compound tires and batteries {Al jwei'ed} in pursuit of investment of the central market buildings and lands ".