Iraq expects to export 3.75 million barrels of oil per day in 2017

The Iraqi government has issued in anticipation of the budget in 2017 , he said that he is supposed to export more crude and at a higher price for the last few months.
OPEC is expected by selling 3.75 million barrels per day of crude at $ 42 a barrel, the government said in a statement.
Expects 2017 budget spending fell to 90.224 trillion Iraqi dinars (77.51 billion dollars).
The 2016 budget anticipates spending 106.9 trillion dinars deficit of $ 23.5 trillion due to a sharp decline in oil prices and revenues since 2014.
The total government crude oil exports rate of 3.23 million barrels per day in August , and the average selling price of $ 39.25 a barrel , according to the Ministry of Oil.
(Dollar = 1164 Iraqi dinars)