Provincial security forces detain journalists while covering demonstrations yesterday

Baghdad balances News
Dan Iraqi Observatory press freedoms by the security authorities in the provinces of Sulaimaniyah, Arbil assault on journalists, reporters and photographers who were covering the protests and peaceful demonstrations were government employees they do to demand their salaries, as well as photographers and reporters detained by force with the press equipment. He called the observatory said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "the release of a fellow sinker Abdul Rahman and Ahmed Omar detained in the district of Rania." He stressed that "the security force in the district of Rania, Sulaimaniya governorate I used on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 on Roudao Media Network crew, and prevented Roudao continue to cover the demonstrations by teachers in protest at unpaid wages." He added, that "the security force in Ranier, the attack on Roudao network media team while covering demonstrations, and beat a photographer Roudao and confiscated the camera from him, and that the team that RTHK Arab assaulted and prevented from coverage in Rania and Koysanjaq and Erbil." Said Mayor Rania, Hiwa horns, the head of the security committee in the well of the judiciary, according to the statement, "We have arrested the correspondent sinker Abdul Rahman, in order to protect security and now with photographer Ahmed Omar detained by the security forces, and we will meet with the security committee later to determine the date of their release." It ended 29 / d 24