Lebanese newspaper headlines on Wednesday Alsardh

Obrzaanawan Alsardh Lebanese newspapers on Wednesday 28/09/2016
Twist Hariri "held hostage" hard understandings
Aoun bodes close: I am the president
The 45th session of the election day: your place ranged
Abu Faour "selected gold and returned perplexed"
The news
Rustic inherits captive in the Bekaa
Hariri invalidate Franjieh nomination and completed its mission into the future
Aoun elect a matter of time

the future
Hariri to speed up the presidency .. and future meetings open
Kerry accuses Moscow destroying Aleppo
Pulling ropes biting the fingers of Aleppo in the New York ... and the war did not stop and understanding is not dead
Hariri paving with Franjieh and Siniora addressed the mass: it 's me in the presidency
Multiple negotiations under the eyes of Riyadh and Washington ... and Aounists postponing the street
«COOKED» presidential Hariri has not yet mature ... not a cabinet session
Hariri and Franjieh ..and the "chosen Radd"
Abu Faour returned from Riyadh without attitude and a secret meeting in Awkar ambassadors to Washington, Britain and France
Visit the quality of the brigade Abbas Ibrahim showed Fayhaa one, peaceful