Iraq index closing banks and industry support

Live: market general index rose Iraq stock exchange at the end of trading Tuesday, rose 0.23 percent to 562.35 level points, winning 1.31 points, compared with levels in Monday's session..

The index rose today, banks and industry support; 3 arrows rose from Babylon Bank banking shares higher by day by 4.76%, Mansour Bank climbed 3.03%, ignoring the sector issued a Bank stock today by retreating Assyria 3.45%.

Connector arrow sector included the most active bank in terms of stock value, where the arrow 620.64 million shares traded, worth finished 161.37 million dinars, the arrow its stable.

Two arrows rose two industry sector of Baghdad for packaging and sewing 3.57% ratios modern 0.99%, respectively.

On the other hand, tumbled 6 3 shares in the hotel and tourism sector, to retract the Karkh games 1.75%, fell 0.49 percent, investment globe and declining public transport Baghdad 0.38%.

Today's turnover slipped to 1.21 billion shares, compared with 1.46 billion shares traded in the last meeting, and devalued currency trades to 437.35 million dinars, versus 630.76 million dinars in Monday's session.