The Basra ports revenues rising to over half a trillion dinars


Basra, announced Monday, rising revenues from border ports in Basra to over half a trillion dinars in 2016.

Border said in Basra Morteza alshhamani border revenue peaked this year, with imports of Iraq ports from Safwan walshlamgh since 1 January last till the 18th of September now, exceeded 500 billion dinars.

He pointed out that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi recently issued to convert commercial exchange of view port to port Safwan will have a significant impact on increasing those revenues.

And was Chairman of Basra this morning by Franck was revealed in the earlier statement by the Ministry of finance Marbad radio over the past nine months has not acted to safeguard the border ports returns amounts, declaring the County went to get financial benefits the Federal Government and the Ministry of finance to disable it since the beginning of this year.