Jabouri: Abadi vacant ministries next week, candidates will

2016/9/27 13:53

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} mp Salah Al-Juburi, forces from the Federation, on submission of the prime candidates for the vacant ministries over the next week.

Jabouri said in a statement to Agency {news Euphrates} Tuesday, "held a meeting Monday night between the Arabic and Prime Minister Haider Abadi, to discuss several issues."

"The vacant ministries candidates will fight next week", stating that "candidates for the Defense Department nearly {12} candidates and the Ministry of the Interior, including the three Deputy Qasim al-araji, excluded at the same time provide a candidate.

And that "the names of the candidates which is right now not resolved definitively by the Prime Minister."

He was spokesperson on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi, 25 last August, the Prime Minister seeks to secure parliamentary support before putting the candidate names for the vacant portfolios.

Referred to the House of representatives voted unanimously to submit them prime candidates five ministries Haider Abadi, on 15 August, with the exception of the Ministry of Commerce candidate did not win enough votes for the post.

And voted to approve Razak Al Essa as Minister for higher education, water resources Minister Bharat, Kazim Cup, Transport Minister wholesome Osei as Minister of construction and housing, and Minister of oil fault of Jabbar.