(Iraqi-Gentile) to rehabilitate areas affected by terrorism

Tuesday 27 September 2016-02:13 pm

The Secretary-General of the Prime Minister Mehdi relationship and representatives of the United Nations, the European Union and donor countries and supporting the rehabilitation of areas affected by terrorist and military operations on Tuesday met with the Governors of all of Salahuddin, Diyala, Anbar.

The Council secretariat said in a statement, a copy of Marbad acknowledges meeting agenda to ensure editorial and post-akshh em demining and humanitarian and refugee relief effort support and rehabilitation of the areas affected by terrorist and military operations.

Governor of Salahuddin said Danielle that maintenance need to be real and serious stance of the Central Government and the United Nations and donor Nations and participate in the reconstruction of the regions affected and afflicted by terrorism aldaashi.

He added that hundreds of houses belonging to Saladin had triggered terror during the occupation of their areas and are now in camps of Latvia the purpose as well as government departments became crags of doing all this criminal ISIS requires human and financial support fast by all.