Muthanna Announces commencement of drilling of the first oil wells in the 12 year end

Tuesday 27 September 2016-01:54 pm

Muthanna Governor Faleh frozen yogurt Tuesday arrival of civil works feat ratios in oil well (Salman 1) within 12 vamp with Najaf to 40%, among the higher end direct sshthd drilling this well which economic threshold established by the Ministry of oil.

Frozen yogurt in a statement said he had received a copy of Marbad met with representatives of the alagnibih companies operating in vamp 12 delegates from SOC, noting that the company (zibik) Chinese civil works by moving as planned by her after solving problems with people around.

He added that the statements made by Russian oil company bash explained that that beer (Salman 1) economic threshold specified by the Ministry of oil and the estimated 200 million barrels.
Noted local government frozen yogurt business is one of the most important responsibilities of the oil companies and works to provide support and protection for its success.