With the participation of Iraq. International Energy Forum starting in Algeria


Set off Tuesday morning, Algeria's capital work 15th International Energy Forum with the participation of representatives from more than 50 countries including Iraq would discuss global energy perspectives and the role of renewable energies in future development.

Iraqi oil Minister arrived on allaibi, yesterday to Algeria to take part in the Conference and attend an informal meeting of OPEC members, the Minister said before the visit that "Iraq oil market support policy supports to ensure the interests of the producing countries ' economies, and raising prices.

This will be the ministerial meeting's Amphitheater will play host new International Conference Centre in Algiers to address major issues of energy, especially oil and gas markets and renewable energies in the presence of hundreds of participants.

This main theme focuses on the two-day session on "global energy transition: roles for energy dialogue".

Meeting is an opportunity for consultation to reach a better understanding and awareness of our common energy interests between Forum members and the presence of the energy ministers of the Member States responsible, petroleum and gas companies, in addition to international organizations like the international organization of petroleum exporting countries [OPEC], the International Energy Agency, the Forum of gas exporting countries.

Addressing the 15th session of the Forum and the role of oil and gas prospects of renewable energies, and the importance of access to energy services in human development and the role of technology ".
In this context, scheduled several sessions centered on major energy issues like oil and gas market and renewable energies plus energy governance.

Several also organize bilateral meetings between the energy ministers of the Member States and the round tables. The 2016 Edition comes to international energy Forum in the context of special features especially significant instability in the oil market, according to the oil price decline.

The Symposium works would culminate ads summarize discussions and dialogues that took place during this meeting.

Following the International Energy Forum allow for informal meeting of OPEC source which will reach an agreement to restore stability to the oil market that defines a major reversal in the last two years.
On the eve of that meeting, Energy Minister nooruddin he demands a meeting that inevitably lead to "a positive solution" to the stability of the market, highlighting the harmonic role of Algeria within the organization.

He expressed optimism "successful informal meeting", adding that "all OPEC member countries agreed to stabilize oil prices but they must reach a formula satisfactory to everyone."

OPEC is also representing a third of global oil production, he says-"binding decision to stabilize prices either Algeria or capital Vienna in November.

He stressed that the current level of prices caused the loss of member countries in OPEC estimated between 300 and 500 million dollars a day and the amounts that could be pumped into oil exploration and prospecting areas and new investments.