306 looking with IFC financing investment projects


The planning Minister Salman jumaili, Tuesday, with the Director of the Office of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group in Baghdad, Ziad Badr, ways of activating a public-private partnership financing investment projects.

The statement said "economy", "jumaili met in his Office at the headquarters of the Ministry delegation from the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group in Baghdad, Ziad Badr headed by Ziad Badr, Director of the Agency's Office in Iraq, during the meeting to discuss the possibility of the Agency to support Iraq within the framework of the Organization of investment partnership between the public and private sectors as well as financing projects stalled because of the economic crisis in Iraq especially SOA nature as well as work in the reconstruction of the liberated areas that need a lot of Strategic projects that will provide services and youth employment in the long term. "

During the meeting, assured said jumaili "need Iraq to more investments especially in the liberated areas of economic conditions facing the country and weak foreign investment requiring new alternative investment-oriented Government."

"The Ministry has managed to complete guide to organizing projects carried out in partnership method, as well as by the Council of Ministers formed a Steering Committee to oversee the projects that are implemented in a manner that a public-private partnership whose membership includes representatives from the Prime Minister's Office and the ministries of planning and finance and the national investment and international consultant and a representative of the beneficiary.

Jumaili expressed his desire to enter the International Finance Corporation to create draft consultant aims to organize partnership with the private sector and prepare an investment file to manage infrastructure projects which are implemented in a participatory manner and also help in the preparation of Adaptive policies for dealing with projects that need financing.

The Office Manager said IFC in Iraq Ziad Badr "enterprise readiness to enter into financing projects or investment either twofold consultant and organize public-private partnership".

He noted that "the Foundation entered into Iraq by financing a number of projects with an investment portfolio of about one billion seven hundred million dollars, among the projects that have contributed to the Foundation in a cement project funded approximately $ 55 million of Karbala and Zain for $ 400 million and Sulaymaniyah power station by about $ 40 million and the port of Um Qasr for $ 120 million.

Bader asserted that "Iraq is among 40 countries which the World Bank is based and thus being one of the founders of the first is the support and care of the Bank or of its institutions."