Pentagon warns of the use of "Daesh" of chemical weapons during the battle of Mosul

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US Department of Defense, "Pentagon", warned Monday, September 26 / September, that the militants "Daesh" determined to use chemical weapons. Navy Captain said Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman said militants "Daesh" will experience those weapons probably with the progress of the Iraqi forces toward Mosul. Davis's comments come a week after the fall of the missile is likely that it carries an element chemically near US troops. The rocket landed, which was launched Tuesday, in an uninhabited area of ​​the population in the west of Qayyarah base just a few hundred meters from the place where US forces are working to set up an airstrip for the attack to restore Iraqi city of Mosul. A Pentagon spokesman said the result of the first test, which was carried out on the shell was positive regarding the use of mustard gas, but subsequent tests were not decisive and the shell is subject to further tests. Davis said that the Islamic state is able to convert into a weapon mustard gas rudimentary capability. He said: "this is not usually lethal concentration. It's sexy for the nerves more than anything else. " Davis said that the United States has provided more than 50 thousand protective gas mask for Iraq goes about 40 thousand of them Iraqi security forces.