Iranian newspaper headlines on Tuesday


Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Tuesday, 27.09.2016.


Rowhani: We are planning to attract investments and acquisition of technology and job creation

Leader of the Revolution: always insisted on the unity of the forces of the country

During the opening of an exhibition of Omani products in Tehran ... Oman wish to import foodstuffs from Iran and its specialization port

Larijani: a political solution in Syria .. and can not lay the foundations of democracy by provoking crises

Kayhan Arab

Chairman of the Syrian Parliament: not for Iran 's support for Syria has been able to resist the terrorists

Leader: I have long called for harmony hearts and move in one way private insurers and the unity of the revolutionary forces

Sheikh Kaplan: No solution to the Palestinian issue , but the return of refugees to their land and the defeat of the Zionists

Naim Qassem: The Islamic Republic has supported the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine Vantsrt


Minister of Industry during the opening of the Oman Exhibition ... We will update the Iranian market par excellence in Amman

To participate in the Forum 's "100 Hotel 100 investment opportunity" ... the owners of the major hotels in the world are visiting Tehran next weekend

Minister of the Australian economy is visiting Tehran today ... to end 14 years of economic estrangement between Iran and Australia

Zarif: America has vowed not to punish banks that deal with Iran


Lavrov: too early to be considered a failure to agree on Syria

Teacher: America have undertaken the leadership of conspiracies against Syria

Pentagon spokesman: US priority coalition leaders eliminating Daesh

Negotiations are under way on determining the color of Airbus and Boeing aircraft seats


Leader of the Revolution: the country today need to Union forces secured

The opening of four projects in the Omani capital , Tehran

Lead in the Front victory to Syria: US arms support us directly

10 Turkish soldiers killed in clashes with "b K"


Rouhani during the World Tourism Day: active foreign policy , the most important principle in attracting tourists

Leader of the Revolution: Union insisted on believing and revolutionary forces

Unveiling Album professor Hjerian "by love" in his absence

Daesh rules are falling one after the other ... Daesh half the neighborhood but dangerous

Jomhuri - ye Eslami

Commander sees interest in the participation of Ahmadinejad 's presidential election

America and Russia agreement on cooperation mechanism in Syria

Rahmani: Iran income of 16 million foreign tourists 24 000 billion dollars

Foreign trade value of non - oil surpassed $ 24 billion


Session is unprecedented among Western powers, Russia and Syria in the Security Council ... the war in Aleppo and the conflict in the UN Security Council

Hillary and Trump Atsabakan to protect Israel before the debate today

Salehi warned the West of the fall of the nuclear deal in danger

Erdogan: Mosul operations will begin October 19


Terrorist victory: America beside us and send us a weapon without a broker

Yemeni people filed his money to Ansar Allah in the Yemeni banks

60 Spanish city join a campaign to boycott Israel

Terrorists in Sweden carry out terrorist operations against the people
Homeland Emrouz
Leader of the Revolution emphasizes the union of revolutionary forces
Salehi: still sanctions that had been scheduled to lift
Ansarallah offer a new project for peace
The US military can not take orders from Obama