Housing Fund offers 6 thousands boost lending during last August

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Housing Fund offers 6 thousands boost lending during last August

Ft Housing Fund, under the Ministry of Construction and Housing and public municipalities, 6000 lending a boost during the month of August.

According to a statement of the ministry said the fund "necessary for the conduct of lending transactions procedures continue according to the central bank's initiative, where the number of payments lending for the month of August stood at 6006 boost lending, divided into three batches, 2899 the first batch, and 841 down again, and the 2266 third down."

He pointed out that "the continuing fund in the detection of the residential units in Baghdad and the provinces operations, reaching the number of committees detected during the month of August in Baghdad 11 commission at a rate of thousand and 23 lending treatment, and in the provinces 16 commission at a rate of Alpha, and 600 lending transaction, this is the total number of transactions exposed during last month's 2623 lending transaction ".

The statement noted, "there is an easy mechanism that enables the citizen to enter the Iraqi Housing Fund website to see the stages of the process for holding the course of his treatment, and where I arrived and this makes it easier for citizens bother to come to the headquarters of the fund and its branches in the provinces."

"The citizen can provide treatment and receive the loan through branches scattered in all the provinces of Iraq, and the implementation of all actions, including receipt of the instrument in the same province."