Iraqi official: we need $ 14 billion for the reconstruction of the regions affected by terrorism

Sep 26, 2016

Baghdad-a-an Iraqi Government official revealed Monday that Iraq needed sums ranging from 13 to 14 billion dollars for the minimum infrastructure and service in the liberated areas of organization "Islamic State".

He said Abdel Basset Turki fund reconstruction in areas affected by terrorist attacks, during his participation in damage assessment Conference and exhibition opening ceremony Monday, that "this show is important for Iraq and is suitable to brainstorm for reconstruction in areas affected by terrorist acts."

He added that estimates of Iraq reconstruction international minimum infrastructure and service affected by armed operations from areas dominated by ISIS ranging from 13 to 14 billion dollars in damage, excluding damage to citizens and their homes and property. "

"We expect that after the liberation of Mosul this appreciation to large numbers.

Turkish, said "there are government agencies and other donors to Iraq working on securing financing for reconstruction projects, of which $ 250 million from the general budget for this year and $ 350 million from the International Monetary Fund and currently there are negotiations with the German Development Bank for a loan worth 500 million euros and hopefully get it by the end of this year or early next year."

"There he got Iraq to set up an international donors conference to provide new funds and hope of donor countries for Iraq reconstruction companies participation."

And Baghdad international fair ground exhibition and Conference day reconstruction of the areas affected by the war with Islamic State (ISIS) with the participation of some 50 Iraqi governmental and private sector companies and foreign companies and lasts four days.

The planning Minister, said Salman Al-jumaili, in a speech during the opening ceremony that "national duty dictates accelerated implementation of reconstruction programmes in cooperation with the international community who participated in military operations to eliminate the ISIS".

"The return of displaced persons to their big goal we work to achieve this and to end their suffering through launching the reconstruction of the liberated areas and infrastructure as quickly."

Kassim said captured suspects Minister of electricity in a word similar to "infrastructure suffered considerable damage through control of ISIS or military operations so the establishment of such exhibitions is important to attract Iraqi companies and Arabic and foreign reconstruction projects in various sectors."

He called that "the participation of Iraqi companies and great competition to rush to return to their homes."